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Train yourself at AR Personal Training Studio

Train yourself at AR Personal Training Studio

The desire to keep fit is, fortunately, a wish that many have in common.

From the need to achieve a good physical fitness, to the decision to start a sport, the distance is short, the path almost obligatory.

Everyone knows the benefits of physical activity, if not in detail, at least roughly.

The sporting activity is not to be underestimated , and considering oneself an expert, or at least adequately prepared to rely on the DIY, can bring to toatally unexpected results which are often counterproductive. For this reason, enrolling to a gym, and coming in contact with a world not hostile, but inevitably new, rich and varied, there is often the need to be followed by an instructor. An instructor is able to assess our physical state, listen to the goals we want to achieve, and help to achieve a suitable training program (the so-called "card"). However, gym instructors follow dozens of people, often simultaneously, and due to this they cannot support an individual for all the duration of the training session.

Also due to time management, the evaluation of the state of form of an individual will not be very accurate (if not ignored), with inevitable repercussions on the development of the training program. Other times, the same card is assigned to each member in the gym, and therefore it ends up being a the copy of dozens of other training programs, regardless of the individual’s characteristics and personal needs. The need to be matched with a customized and effective training program is what has lead to introduce the figure of , the so called, personal trainer.

The personal trainer is a figure which is professionally qualified to be able to follow step by step the training of an individual. More importantly, is also able to assess one’s state of form and physical efficiency and from that to set the goals to be achieved.

The activity of a personal trainer is to only focus on working side by side with the client and develop specific training programs which are guaranteed to be effective.

Throughout the lesson, the personal trainer, will diligently observe the workout, in order to constantly suggest how to better optimize the work in order to accelerate the achievement of objectives. This will be done also through correcting any bad performances and carefully check that the the number of repetitions and sets are adequate.

Every 2 or 3 months - in order to be able to make effective changes to the original workout - it will be necessary to determine the outcomes of the training.

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