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Personal training outdoor

With your personal trainer outdoors

Personal training outdoor

I give my support even to those who prefer to train outdoor. Outdoor training is the new frontier of fitness, through workouts at the park, at the beach or in the mountains.

From a psychological point of view, you get a considerable increase of motivation and discharge of stress, while from a respiratory point of view, you are training breathing pure air and not air-conditioned and rarefied air. Outdoor training mainly involves "circuit training", with different set of exercises which generate a "serieā€. This type of is very effective on allowing you to reach different results.

Among the benefits of circuit training there are the reduction on the percentage of fat mass, improvement of physical endurance, and a general toning of the skeletal muscles. Once you choose your workout, it is sufficient to decide how many sets to prepare and which exercises to perform, at each location, based on the personal athletic preparation, without overdoing it if you are not well-trained.

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