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Pilates Concentration, control and precision all in one discipline


Improve mind and body with Pilates in Milan


Pilates is a method of exercises performed either on a mat, a bench or machines where the body and mind work together. A regular and correct practice of this activity, helps to obtain huge benefits, both physically and psychologically. Pilates strengthens, stretches and tones all muscles, increases endurance, corrects muscle imbalances, improves posture, increases flexibility and joint mobility and develops concentration, coordination and balance.

All pilates exercises are organized and practiced following a sequence. All exercises are in fact linked with one other and are chosen based on the previous exercise in order to strengthen the body and the mind-body connection.

The main goal of Pilates is to evenly invigorate the abdominal muscles of the center of gravity of the body. Basically, the area between the sternum and the hips which is also called "seat of power". Pilates helps prevent the negative effects of unhealthy habits of today's society which lead us to use too few muscles, without using many others. Pilates can evenly solicit, stretch and strengthen the whole muscular system. There are many benefits to practicing pilates. Pilates in fact helps with improving the quality of our lives, developing physical and mental control, and toning all muscles. Furthermore allows to gain more joint flexibility, improves lung and cardiovascular capacity, reduces stress, releases tension and fatigue, develops and corrects the use of abs, prepares to all sporting activities, and improves posture.

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