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Back pain or neck pain? Let the osteopath deal with it.


During the first meeting, the osteopath will ask you to provide a full story of your pain issues and will collect medical information on your lifestyle in order to fully understand the cause of your discomfort and plan the best treatment for you.

Osteopathy offers a wide range of approaches and manual techniques that can be applied at different levels of the body. For example, technical specifications of the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments, articulation techniques or positioning to improve the range and quality of joint motion, quick controlled pressures for joints (thrusts), manual techniques to restore the function of visceral structures, etc.

Techniques and different approaches are used in osteopathic treatment with the aim to alleviate the symptoms (such as back pain and neck pain) and at the same time to track down and eliminate the primary cause of the disorder, thus providing long lasting relief to help the body return to its natural balance.

Respect for the patient's body is at the basis of osteopathic treatment. Hence why osteopathy can also be practiced on individuals of all age, from infants to elderly people and pregnant women.

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